Sunday, August 9, 2015

Museum island Part 1 (Berlin archaeology museums)

Amazon statues outside the neues museum

An equestian Amazon

Mural on the museum ceiling

Cypriot Kouros

Cyrpiot Medusa

Votive offerings from Cyprus

Cyprus being near the middle east and being colonized by the Mucenean Greeks had developed a unique artistic culture. The Cypriot art was a fusion of Greek and Eastern influences.

Notice the swastika like patterns on the pot. It's a very common symbol in ancient Greek pottery.

Queen Nefertari

An Egyptian priest's face

Queen Nefertiti

Another Egyptian Queen

Pharaoh Sesostris III

King Ptolemy X

Egyptian sandals

Weird Egyptian pottery

Cats were revered as gods in ancient Egypt.

The God Horus

One of the numerous mummies in the museum

A statue of Alexander the Great

A roman statue of Vesta

A statue of Jupiter

Corinthian type hoplite helmets

Etruscan helmet

Etruscan shield

Egyptian grave tablets. 

They were portraits of noble people who lived in Egypt during the Roman era

Their facial characteristics show that they were coming from different ethnic backgrounds

They were either native Egyptians,Romans, Greeks or people from the Levant generally.

Apollo's statues distinguish themselves from the Lyre he is holding.

A very common theme for a statue during the antiquity was a boy removing a thorn from its foot.

Ancient Greek pottery drawings involved many aspects of daily life such as the sexual life of Ancient Greeks.

Notice the person on the left.It is a Hermaphroditus. Means that it has both male and female characteristics.(Derive from the words Hermes and Aphrodite(Mercury and Venus))

Ancient Greek sexual fantasies involved sexual intercourse with various animals.

Cleopatra was not as beautiful as she advertised herself to be.

Cleopatra again from a profile angle.

A roman emperor's statue

Emperor Constantius Chlorus

Emperor Diocletian

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