Friday, August 21, 2015

Museum island part 2 (Berlin archaeology museums)

The archaeological museum of Berlin. One of the 5 museums of the Museum Island in Berlin.

A child helps a drunk person to vomit.

Pericles the great Athenean statesman who led Athens during  Golden age.

A Persian soldier

Another Persian soldier

Achilles receives his new weapons made by god Hephaestus himself

A Greek hoplite

Satyrs were a popular theme in vase drawing.

Satyrs were most of the times depicted  sexually teasing women

This vase depicts a young woman dancing to the rythm of the double flute

A marble lion

Gravestones depictes the diceased and their families. Some other times it depicted abstract themes.

This gravestone depicts three soldiers

This vase depicts a theatrical performance in ancient Greece.

Roman era statues become more detailed.

The bust of King Antiochus of the Kingdom of the Seleucids(Syria)

Alexander the Great

The presence of black African people in Ancient Greece is a long debated subject. Here is a bust that  clearly shows an African face.

Bust of the philosopher Epicurus

Sol invictus was the ultimate deity of the Roman imperial era.

Two Greek heroes of the Trojan war play some sort of table game under the surveillance of goddess Athena.

Hecules fights Antaeus and raises him from the ground,from which Antaeus was drawing strength,

The Athenean hero Theseus slays the Minotaur.

Again two Hoplites play the same board game.

Olive collection from trees.

Coins depicting King and Queens of the Ptolemaic dynasty which ruled Hellenistic Egypt.

These coins depict Greeks from the west. Important people from the Greek colonies in Italy and Sicily.

These coins depict the Greek Kings of the Indo-Bactrian kingdom(Nowadays Afghanistan)

The Seleucid dynasty coins.

Depictions of Alexander the Great in coins.

A ancient Greek hoplite helmet.

Phallic symbols were common in Antiquity.

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