Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Museum island part 3

The gate of Ishtar. The main gate Babylon. It is a replica of how would it look like.

The market gate of Miletus.

Miletus was an ancient Greek colony. It was the leading city during the Ionian revolution against the Persians.

It continued prospering during the Roman times

Assyrian warriors. The Assyrian empire was known for its military strength.

Assyrian sphinx like statue

The strong point of the assyrian army was its chariots. They were fast mobile units that cculd spread panick to the enemy.

The swastika was a religious symbol of many of the ancient cultures.

Egyptian bust

An egyptian priest 

An Etruscan lady's jewels

Persian soldier. The Persian empire was built through wars with countless enemies. The Persian army was feared all over the East mainly due to its big numbers rather than its fighting capabilities.

A Byzantine horn made by ivory 6th century AD

Mongols were not only war mongering horselords. They also produced art.

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