Sunday, July 26, 2015

National History museum of Krakow

The national history museum of Krakow hosts a Polish armory collection, an internal decoration collection and a modern arts collection.It's a museum worth to visit. It is housed in an old huge "communist" building.The highlights of this museums are the Winged Hussar armors and the interactive material in the arms collection. You can actually wear a medieval helmet and get in to a WW1 trench. What's interesting is that it hosts temporary exhibitions. When i visited , the museum hosted an Ottoman exhibition which mainly hosted paintings of western painters depicting the Ottoman world. Unfortunately no photos were allowed in this exhibition.

We see western influences in Polish armour

Double handed swords

Maces were the main hand weapons of the heavy cavalry

Winged hussar is the most famous military unit in Polish history

The wings of the Hussars were not just for decoration. They were making a terrible sound when the cavalry charged.

Horse archers were a valuable unit in an army that was fighting in open field

Horns were used by the army to communicate efficiently and give orders for unit positioning

At the beginnings of the history of gunpowder rifles looked ridiculously lavish.

Crossbows were really deadlt weapons. Even though it was taking time to reload.

The Polish forces joined Napoleon who liberated their country after it was divided by Prussia Austria and Russia.

Josef Pilsudski: He was a great Polish general. He was the creator of the second Polish republic in 1918. In politics he pursued to unite Poland and Lithuania once again but failed.

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