Thursday, June 9, 2011

3. Suggestive units(About Virtue)-Κεφάλαια Παραινετικά(περι Αρετής)

Continuing from this post: I post the translation of an excerpt from this text written by emperor Basil himself.

The unit about virue is the 8th unit in Basil's text.

A king is not honoured by the pleasures of this world as much as he can be honoured by the wealth of virtue,because abidance and compliance wither as a result of time passing and sickness. The physical wealth is the reason  behind human akwardness and sexual pleasure. The physical strength honours a person's body with victories but it also overshadows and obstructs the mental activities of soul .The acquisition of virtue which near to those who are fortunate is about to be revealed, is more useful than the physical wealth, the human relations and the things that to some people seem to be impossible. However , she(virtue) can make everything possible along with the help of god.

source:Παραινετικά Βασίλειου Μακεδόνος,(Parenetika by Basil the Macedonian)

translation is made by me directly from the medieval text. Therefore forgive me for any mistakes.

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