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2. Suggestive units(About mercifullness)-Κεφάλαια Παραινετικά(περι ελεημοσύνης)

As a continuation of

I post below a traslation of the 5th unit where Basil talks about mercifullness

Emperor Leo the wise to whom Basil is adressing in the units kneels in front Christ Pantocrator.

 About Mercifullness- Περι ελεημοσύνης(5th unit)

Sometimes mercifullness annuls even the concept of death.According to the holy scripts Because that alms do deliver from death, and suffereth not to come into darkness .Thus as it seems life is bought when god receives gifts for our salvation.

Giving to the poor your material wealth on earth will make you wealthy on heaven. In heaven you will also receive the commodities of this life. Truthfully the act of mercifullness is inexpensive, luxurious and endless, When somebody falls he can rise up again, the same happens with somebody who donnates, he will be rewarded eventually.Those who are mercifull will  not only be wealthy in this life but they will also be blessed in afterlife.

source:Παραινετικά Βασίλειου Μακεδόνος,(Parenetika by Basil the Macedonian)

translation is made by me directly from the medieval text. Therefore forgive me for any mistakes.

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