Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The secret visit of general Mladic in Greece

Mladic and Karadjic the two Serbian generals accused for war crimes

In December the 10th , 1993, general Ratko Mladic who was arrested some weeks ago in Serbia and now he is in Hague awaiting for his trial , visited  Thessalonica incognito via the Greco-Bulgarian borders with his true identity. At this time he still wasn't considered a war criminal  and because of the special relations of Serbia and Greece the public opinion in Greece considered him a Serbian hero and defender of orthodoxy . Therefore there was no reason for him entering the country with fake papers.
He was escorted by the head of the Serbo-bosnian intelligence one person nicknamed Popa and a lieutenant of Milosevic.Formally they justified their visit as an intention of visiting the Holy mountain(an autonomous community of monasteries in greece)  but the real reasons were revealed the second day when Mladic had a secret meeting with an agent from the Greek intelligence service.
The day after the serbian general attempted to visit the Holy mountain but a sea turbulence changed his plans. However this aspiration of visiting the Holy mountain has created the last years conspiracy theories that Mladic was hiding in a monastery of Holy mountain disguised as a monk.
It was never revealed what was discussed between Mladic and the Greek agent.We can however guess what was the topic of conversation.It was the time that the Greek prime minister Mitsotakis who was the closest ally of Milosevic lost the elections to the pro-American Papandreou . Perhaps Mladiv wanted to invenstigate whether the new government would continue the pro-Serbian policy of the previous one.It is assumed that he returned back to Serbo-Bosnia satisfied because he was guaranteed that the greek government would remain an ally of Serbia. Rumors say that the Greek aid to Mladic was not always official.
Those who were involved in organising the Greek humanitarian aid for Bosnians made secret exchanges with Mladic.One example were the trucks full with olive oil that were sent for the Bosnian people which eventually turned to be engine oil for the Serbian tanks.

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