Friday, January 27, 2012

Atlantis: End of a World Birth of a legend

The island of Thera(Santorini) supposed to be Plato's Atlantis.

BBC made an attempt to explain the myth of Atlantis through a historical event. This historical event is no other than the disaster that the  eruption of the volcano of Thera caused. This eruption is according to the historians the main reason for the decline of the Minoan civilization. Today historians believe that this eruption affected directly and indirectly many regions and populations around the Mediterranean. According to some analysts this event passed through generations in a form of a catastrophe of epic proportions with the addition of mythological elements.This event may also be connected with the disaster stories in the old testament.

This dramatized documentary show us through the point of view of the Minoan society of the island what happened the last days before the great eruption and during thr disaster(or at least what the researchers and archaeologists believe that happened) . It also shows us  aspects of the Minoan civilization, stretching from the religious customs to the hierarchy of the Minoan society. The special effects are pretty impressive for a documentary however there are some historical inaccuracies mainly for morality reasons.One of these is the women's dressing(Minoan women used to leave uncovered their chest).

I think i don't need to say more as the narrator of the docudrama gives you enough info.
This is the video of the whole episode. I recommend you to watch it in high quality and fullscreen. I think this is the first time that the Minoans the first civilization of Europe feature in tv or cinema.

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