Saturday, February 12, 2011

Modern Arts vs History how famous greeks have been depicted by their contemporaries and how they are depicted today. .

Miltiades: The general whose tactics brought the Athenean victory in the battle of Marathon during the Persian wars.

Aristotle: One of the big three of ancient Greek philosophy. The first scientist , Tutor of Alexander the Great.

Hypatia: The first female philosopher. A victim of religious fanatism.

                                             Above:  Socrates the founder of Western philosophy

Pericles: The ruler of the Athens during the Golden
   Plato: One of the big three of the ancient Greek Philosophy. Student of Socrates

 Alexander the Great: The Macedonian conqueror

 Aspasia : Pericle's wife . Otherwise called "The first lady of Athens"


                                                            Queen Cleopatra of Ptolemaic Egypt                                                                  

King Leonidas of Sparta

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